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It is in everyone’s best interest to safeguard the sights, smells and sounds of nature for future generations. Here in the Cotswolds there are many farms who work hand in hand with conservation teams such as the Gloucester Wildlife Trust and the Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). The Cotswold Hare provides a link to conservation and food, connecting future generations with their own habitat and its animals. Here in the Cotswolds we are so close to nature with its glorious landscapes, wildflower strewn meadows, exuberant species of birds, such as sky larks, and of course the amazing and beautiful Brown Hare. The population of Hare has declined by more than 80% during the 20th century as Hares need biodiversity. Encouraging mob grazing techniques encourages a mixture of grasses, wildflower meadows and fields of herbs. All these have a positive influence on the environment, and thus we are now seeing the Brown Hare return The Cotswold Hare – Champions Heroes of Provenance We produce a range of ready meals using meats from local farms, these farms then work with the AONB in various environmentally driven projects, such as water recycling and reducing and eradicating chemical use. Our aim is to grow locally all ancient grains to complement our meals, currently our Quinoa is being grown in Cirencester, set for its first harvest later this year (2019). This is a product for all consumers who care for where their food comes from.



To work as a farmer or grower with The Cotswold Hare your farming system has to also have this in their ethos. We look for farms who do not rely on large grain feeds, or vast spraying of crops. We also want to create regional sustainability for the farmers and growers. Our aim is to grow all ancient grains from the region, currently we are growing the first crop of Quinoa in Cirencester. This is true collaboration as we all work to reduce the carbon footprint with less food miles


We use an industry expert to set our sustainability standards which allow us to work with our farmers on various projects to enhance the environment. Such as less spraying, increased margins for wildlife and flowers to grow, benefitting butterflies, bees and insects production.

Local Communities

We are looking at projects on the farms where we invite various groups on to their land to be involved in tree planting, stone walling - all rural skills which we hope will lead to rural employment.

Packaging & Waste

Our sleeves are from sustainable forests and are 100% recyclable. We are moving to 100% recycled cardboard in December 2019!! We can't wait

Inspiring & Educating

When our farmers and growers provide exemplar systems for water recycling and other environmental matters, we will help them show this through the Happerley QR code, so people understand the work which is going on behind the scenes. Also working with rural skills a subdivision of the AONB we hope to create apprenticeships in various rural schemes

Energy Reduction

Within the production unit the systems are built to minimise energy waste

Nutritional Values

It is known that increased welfare and less stress to animals produces better quality meats. Also we use ancient grains as these also provide higher nutritional values to the body. Pearl barley is a fibre boost which lowers cholesterol. Spelt is gluten free and provides many essential nutrients such as iron, zinc and magnesium. And Quinoa is so nutritious It has a low Glycemic Index which is good for blood sugar control, as well as being gluten free and the greatest fibre content than other grains

Animal Welfare

All the above proves that only the best farms with good animal welfare will be used in the creation of our mouth watering meals...

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