Our Objectives

  • To support UK Food and Drink suppliers and producers through Covid-19 and beyond
  • To build the world’s most transparent food and drink network
  • To provide the very first free self-audit sustainability tool and rating for businesses
  • To deliver an independent means to secure provenance honesty and transparency across food and drink
  • To empower the consumer to know the journey of their food
  • To provide consumer guidance, awareness and education on the impact of food and drink purchases
Our journey's goal is to apply blockchain technology to passport the whole journey of every food output, from farm to plate. This will empower the consumer, in a click, to know the validated journey of every constituent ingredient of their purchase.

Our 2020 Strategy

Consumers are increasingly demanding transparency across the food and drink industry in pursuit of the knowledge regarding their purchases' impact through the entire supply chain. Happerley is well placed and positioned to deliver exactly this.
Shop Happerley 
In response to Covid-19 Happerley will introduce the brand new Happerley free to trade ‘Shop Happerley’ online marketplace on behalf of all participating food and drink producers; we will also be offering a range of extra services to Happerley members such as sustainability audits. #ShopHapperley
Our Feed Me Truth schools campaign, encouraging schools and colleges to turn their supply chains transparent will resume in February with a programme of activity supported by Co - operative Childcare.
We continue to invite all food and drink organisations who help the consumer understand the journey of their food and drink, the opportunity to network into our information hub for free. Through our unique QR code, we want the consumer to be able to discover what every accreditation and certification attached to every entity in the supply chain actually means. 
Food and Drink Events and Marques 
We will be working with more events and festivals to validate the provenance claims of their caterers and / or food and drink vendors, and supporting the credibility of third party schemes and brands wishing to apply their own criteria to our supply chain information.
National Retail
We are in discussions with several major retailers regarding a national roll out of Happerley Transparency across own label and we will make the approrpriate announcement according to how these progress.
Client Benefits
We offer a range of additional client benefits to becoming Happerley Transparent, which are continually growing. 
Happerley England
We are looking forward to the opening of our very first National Centre of Food & Drink Provenance, Happerley England at Lock29 in Banbury in 2020! We will continue discussions for a Happerley Wales, a Happerley Scotland and a Happerley Ireland - leading to four national centres. 
Enshrining our Independence
We are now working to have constituted a not for profit entity for the Happerley certification marque, to which the operating company is contracted before June 2020. This will ensure Happerley perpetually provides a credible currency of provenance truth for the benefit of all. The Happerley Advisory Board will help oversee this transition.
Consumer Guidance
We will be leading the development of the world’s first sustainability guidance for food and drink purchases. The project will take into account the whole ingredient lifecycle and be designed to empower consumers to make educated choices at point of sale. 
'Provenance Reporter'
We will be actively educating and encouraging consumers to identify misleading or false provenance claims, and reporting them to us by using our Provenance Reporter feature on the Happerley app.
Ongoing Software Development
We will continue to upgrade the apps, and work towards a V2 Happerley platform to enhance the compliance processes. We are also working to deliver integrations with stock management systems.