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However much you care about animal welfare, sustainable farming, supporting communities or simply your own nutrition, you need to know the impacts of your purchasing decisions.

You will only know these if you know the journey of the ingredients.

In today's society, it is quite odd that the food and drink industry remains one of the most opaque.

You, the consumer, are powerless to question the claims on a menu, or to know where the ingredients on a food brand are actually from - how were they farmed, or even simply where.

Our movement is driving to discover and deliver the truths so you, the consumer, are empowered.

How You Can Help

Start challenging the origins of ingredients to help drive the change for a transparent food and drink industry. When dining out, don’t simply ask where the meat is from, for example, but ask them to #namethefarm
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And finally, please feedback! Happerley is continually developing... to serve everyone by delivering a level fact based playing field for all. All your comments and feedback will be gratefully received as we continually evolve.


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Provenance Reporter

Report to us any dubious provenance claims with any supporting reasons or evidence (photographs) and we will consider publicly challenging them to become Happerley Transparent.

You do not need to provide your name or contact details. If you do, these will be treated in confidence.