What is ‘Living Happerley’?

8th Jan 2020 09:53 AM

Living Happerley. A simple philosophy that makes sense at a time when we’re heading for the latest fad diets for quick results after Christmas indulgence. Anyone can buy ultra processed and chemically ripened foods shipped from around the globe with no connection or knowledge of the produce. Instead choose foods that are transparent and traceable so that you know exactly where the food has come from. Check the ingredients in every item. Increase your fruit and vegetable intake and exercise regularly. When choosing meat products don’t be afraid to ask the retailer to name the farm. Try eating seasonally and locally, it’s better for your pocket and the environment. Eating and living well is maintainable without the need to cut out specific food groups.
Download the Happerley app available on both iOS and Android to find out more about the origins of your food.