Happerley welcomes The Cotswold Pudding & Pie Co

26th Nov 2019 14:19 PM

HAPPERLEY are excited to welcome Myles Salmon and the rest of The Cotswold Pudding & Pie Co. team in becoming Happerley Transparent! Delivering award-winning produce to their customers since 2005, the team sell only high-standard food, renowned for its authentic credibility. Their values in the local community, animal welfare and food traceability are something Happerley are proud to share.

Delivering to the unique food experience with their Merry Mouse Van (a mobile deli), The Cotswold Pudding & Pie Co. have been providing their produce to loyal customers, both local and nationwide. The honest journey of their products, made from scratch, makes the provenance of their ingredients easy to trace - Happerley believes it also enhances the delicious taste of their food!

The team have proudly won the Pork Pie National Championship three times. Their meats have even been accredited by SALSA and they are also members of the National Food Federation, the Food and Drink Forum and are approved stockists of Quality Standard British Meat.

Happerley support the values in animal welfare that The Cotswold Pudding & Pie Co hold. Hand-picking their pigs themselves, customers are now assured that they are carefully and correctly raised. While being Happerley Transparent means that their impressive artisan cheese can readily be traced back to their original location and their meats are visible as being from Maloney’s.

A large part of The Cotswold Pudding & Pie Co. becoming Happerley Transparent is the importance they place on their natural ingredients and the important impact of British provenance. They are now equipped with their own unique QR code which customers are encouraged to scan through the Happerley app. Tracing the location of the Cotswold Pudding & Pie Co.’s produce back to the supplier makes the delicious journey all the more mouthwatering.