Goat Meat Found to be Sheep Meat

16th Aug 2016 09:02 AM

A wholesaler has been found guilty and subsequently fined £8000 for supplying goat meat which turned out to be sheep. Eight out of 11 DNA samples of what was described as goat were found to actually be sheep meat. The Trading Standards inspectors involved in the case went undercover after a tip off from a customer who believed that the goat meat he had bought was actually lamb or mutton.
Investigations showed that the majority of the issues were with the wholesaler/abattoir and not the retailer.  It was reported that the butcher concerned told the officers ‘well goat is the same as sheep isn’t it?’. Goat meat can sell for a higher price per kilo than lamb so clearly there is a financial advantage with goat.
Peter Aston from Trading Standards said the results were ‘concerning’.
When butchered, goat meat is difficult to tell apart from mutton or lamb. This is why it is essential for those involved in the supply chain to provide clear traceability and labelling so consumers can name the farm of origin.
If you are concerned with any cases of suspect meat being sold, then get in touch with  Citizens Advice consumer service on 03454 04 05 06.