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Quality Meets Convenience. In addition to our wholesale deliveries to farm shops, butchers, pubs etc. we run a mobile deli from a vintage french van called The Merry Mouse. We have a passion for cheese of the highest quality and pride ourselves in being able to tell you exactly where it’s from, who made it and often the names of the cows involved! A visit to our web site will provide further information.



Artisan cheese is a product which above all reflects the essential local aspects of that subtle mixture of physical location, animal husbandry and farming techniques which the winemakers call 'terroir'. A good cheesemaker understands how to exploit the differing qualities of the milk each season, which in turn are due to changes in weather and the food being grazed by the herd. These individual, variously shaped and differently rinded cheeses are a world away from the uniform yellow, shrink wrapped blocks which too many of us have become accustomed to by the onward march of the supermarket.


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Local Communities

We support the youth development programme at Dumbleton Cricket Club.

Packaging & Waste

Minimum use of plastics and packaging is encouraged.

Inspiring & Educating

Our Meat Products are created in a kitchen with: * SALSA accreditation * Membership of the National Food Federation * Members of The Food & Drink Forum * Approved stockists of Quality Standard British Meat * Regular Staff, Food, Health and Safety Training

Energy Reduction

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Nutritional Values

We strongly believe the difference between ordinary and gourmet food is natural ingredients, quality preparation and flavour to excite the tastebuds.

Animal Welfare

Animal welfare is paramount to us and the farmers we use. Meat is sourced by Daniel Salmon who has extremely high standards. The pigs used generally come from a couple of farms where they hand pick the pigs to ensure the high specification we require is achieved. The sows are kept outdoors, once weaned the pigs are fattened in straw yards. Dan will buy meat in carcass form ensuring the correct weight, grades and fat coverage. British Beef from grass fed Suckler Cows is chosen for it’s taste and succulense.

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The Cotswold Pudding and Pie Co.


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