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Here at Barhouse Farm, we have a beautiful herd of many different colours, producing free range (under the Pasture Promise label) milk. We also take that milk to produce a lovely Italian-style ice cream - Gelato. You can order and buy from the farm retail shop and also book for your wedding/event. The milk can be bought locally via Cotteswold Dairy.



We believe good food is crucial for our well-being and the health of our soils and herd is equally so. We ensure that our herd graze for a minimum of 7 months a year, they enjoy pasture, their manure is crucial to soil health.


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Local Communities

We believe that local food is important for local communities. Less food miles, more local employment. As our business grows we want to bring new entrants into our business to inspire, educate and employ.

Packaging & Waste

We use compostable or recyclable materials for our gelato packaging and compost the waste used in the gelato making (ie. banana skins etc.)

Inspiring & Educating

We have local groups to the farm to talk about what we do, and how we do it. We don't want customers to just enjoy our milk and gelato, we want them to truly understand where it comes from, how it's produced and how important to their health, the health of the local community, the hedgerows, the fields, the countryside are all theirs to enjoy.

Energy Reduction

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Nutritional Values

Our free range milk is high in CLA, Omega 3, Calcium (the king of all minerals!), and many other important minerals, it is - after all - a wholefood. Our gelato is made from over 80% fresh, clean, unhomogenised, but pasteurised dairy. All the milk is from our one dairy herd.

Animal Welfare

We adhere to Red Tractor standards, Free Range (Pasture Promise) standards. We are regulated and inspected each year. We train staff to look after our herd.

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