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Wild Venison is a lean healthy meat, sustainably harvested from our countryside. It can be used in everyday cooking and can replace farmed meats such as chicken, pork, beef and lamb.



We know where every cut comes from……….all our venison is harvested by our own partnership deer managers with full traceability. All our deer carcasses are inspected and quality stamped by FSA vets so we can guarantee provenance and quality.


Our cuts of meat will be tailored to the time of year. We will provide you with recipes and inspiration to cook beautiful, tasty dishes that will not only wow yourself, your family and your friends.

Local Communities

Deer Box is the vision of Chef , Restaurateur and Deer Manager Mike Robinson and one of his principal deer managers Ben Heath. A large area of land is managed throughout Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Hampshire through Robinson Wild Foods and their vision is to change how venison is perceived and to make it more accessible to you.

Packaging & Waste

We care about quality and freshness, all cuts are portioned sensibly so you do not get wastage. Every cut is vacuum sealed for ultimate freshness and frozen on day of butchery so that we can cater for seasonal variations and deliver consistent high quality venison when you require it. All our packaging in biodegradable and recyclable and parcels are sent out mid week on a next day service.

Inspiring & Educating

Venison is often regarded as that rich ‘gamey’ meat or only for those special occasions. We we want to change this…..we have this amazing wild, healthy, environmentally sustainable meat source and its being held back by past ‘old fashioned’ experiences and methods of cooking. We will bring you great recipes via our Website, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube….some will be for everyday cooking and others for special occasions. We want you to love eating venison as much as we do and although we love our little secret….we think we owe it to our deer to share it!

Energy Reduction

Deer Box conveniently brings you a low carbon healthy offering and we will show you what wonderful creations you can prepare yourself in minimal time.

Nutritional Values

Just google it…..but here are some of the facts about eating wild venison -Very high in protein (complete protein) -Low in Calories and Fat -Lower in cholesterol than Chicken and Turkey -High in Vitamins and Minerals such as Iron, Vit B’s, Zinc, essential Amino Acids…it goes on…. -Drug and Medicine Free - NO steroids, NO anti-biotics..completely natural -High in Omega 3 and Omega 6 (Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio better than chicken) -Promotes Weight Loss and Helps Prevent Anemia, Strengthens the Immune System -Promotes Muscle Growth and Recovery, Sustainable Source of Protein, Supports Brain Health

Animal Welfare

All the wild deer are harvested by trained hunters who take food safety very seriously. Only ‘lead free food safe’ ammunition is used, even though this is not a regulation we operate on the highest standards.

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