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We are the only distillery in the world to be using ancient populations of heritage grain, all sustainably grown exclusively for us on organic farms within a 50 mile radius of our site. The rare and distinctive subtleties in our spirits are a direct result of our commitment to these diverse populations of heritage rye, wheat and barley. Rye is a famously difficult grain to use for distilling but the extra work really pays out in the final product. We are producing a range of spirits (including among others: gin, absinthe, vodka and whiskey) with total provenance from grain to glass In order to create our own distinctive spirits we also had to design and build our own stills with the help of artisans and engineers who share our ideals on craft and total provenance. South Devon Railway Engineering are steam engine craftsmen and are the greatest historical industrial coppersmiths in England. We offer a unique experience showing people around the distillery and telling them our amazing story. From the grains we use, botanical we diffuse and the stills we lovingly designed everyone leaves a fan of TOAD, so much that we are the number #1 thing to do on Oxford TripAdvisor.



Since the beginning we have used sustainable farming methods. Our crops are genetically diverse, resilient and adaptable. Each plant in the field is different, creating a crop which is more vigorous, healthy and hardy – without the need for chemicals. The crops we use are not just ‘organic’, they are part of a new super-sustainable movement and the pinnacle of current eco-agriculture. It is a living, breathing genetically diverse crop, actively responding to and enriching its environment. A leafy canopy supports a lively ecosystem, like having an Amazon rainforest in an English field.


It is our aim to be as good as possible, from using reusable, recyclable and compostable products when available to trying to set off our carbon footprint by planting our own Juniper. We strive to do our best. We have moved to a greener energy company and started recycling bottles used on site.

Local Communities

We endeavor to be the best neighbor possible engaging with the local community and local charities. At our beautiful Oxford site we are very proud to hold a free farmers market. The stalls are set up in our barn to sell everything from vegan cakes, bread, crafts and we even create a special spirit just for the occasion. This space is also been used to hold charity events, from comedy to music and drama nights. They have always been successful in raising money and, just as importantly, people always have a great time.

Packaging & Waste

We have researched and tasted many different products to try and find not only the best quality but also environmentally friendly when possible. In the past year we have moved to using recyclable tape and paper in the production side and all the glasses used are either recyclable, reusable or compostable. Both on and off site we recycle all our waste properly and have started to reuse the bottles on site. from little things like using scraped paper in the office we are always looking for ways we can improve and reduce the waste we produce. Every week we are learning and improving.

Inspiring & Educating

In the two years since opening we have had nearly 10,000 people on tours at our distillery. On the tours people will learn about how we began, distilling and recipe development as well our agricultural methods. All this is finished off with a tasting of our spirits. Everyone who works for us are passionate about what they do, and this always shines through on the tours. We also offer free tours to local pubs and restaurants so they can serve our products with all the knowledge necessary to share our story and passion.

Energy Reduction

We have recently moved the a greener energy supplier which is 100% renewable. We purchase energy efficient products when possible and staff are very good at saving energy by switching off lights and appliances when they are not being used. We are currently looking at more ways for us to reduce our carbon footprint from the use of an electric vehicle for local deliveries and having a solar array installed.

Nutritional Values

The ABV of our spirits vary from drink to drink. The Oxford Dry Gin is 46%, Physic gin is 42.1%, Ashmolean gin is 40% and Oxford Rye 40%.

Animal Welfare

Not Applicable but we are dog friendly

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The Oxford Artisan Distillery


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